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Honoring victims of drunk drivers

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Mindy Red lost her daughter, Michelle in 2009 to a drunk driver, honors loved ones taken by drunk/drugged/distracted drivers with her "Angel Trees"

"I want to call it beautiful , but it's hard to call it beautiful, because of what it is; It's sadly beautiful." Red said.

Mindy reached out through social media to get the word out about her vision of Angel trees. She offered to make an angel for each person that sent a picture and a name.

She asked-she received. I was one that answered. I sent her two pictures and two names. My mother in 1969. My daughter in 2019.

Mindy now has 8 Angel trees in her yard. Honoring those lost and injured at the hands of a selfish person again in 2020.

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