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With GET HOME BY GRACE and His Grace, everyone will have the opportunity to get home safely.  Through community support and outreach and with a commitment to saving one life at a time, GET HOME BY GRACE will make a difference.


GET HOME BY GRACE not only ensures that the impaired driver makes it home safely but also protects the innocent individuals whose path they may cross if the impaired is allowed to drive.  Many colleges provide ride-share for students that need to get home safely.  On holidays and special occasions, the community provides free rides.  But what about that average day – what about today, how does that impaired driver get home? He or she drives. Risking lives along the way.​ 


Through community support and outreach and with a commitment to saving one life at a time, GET HOME BY GRACE will make a difference.

  • Provide free rides for impaired drivers;

  • Promote community knowledge and education on the impacts of impaired and drunk driving;

  • Sponsor and host events and activities to promote individual responsibility when drinking;

  • Promote responsible behavior in all venues where alcohol or other impairing drugs may be used, including private parties, clubs, restaurants, sporting events.


We are thankful for every donor and contribution.

Get Home By Grace is a privately funded 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  Annual revenue comes primarily from individual donors. The leadership of Get Home by Grace strives to maximize every dollar donated in order to provide as many free rides to alcohol/drug-impaired drivers as possible. All gifts made to GHBG are tax-deductible. 

GHBG Federal ID #: 85-1116676

Service Partners

Provides services or donations to

Get Home by Grace.

Fundraising Partners

Organizes external fundraising events to support

Get Home by Grace.

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